Faces of Healthcare: Laura Ragland

Meet Laura Ragland, who manages our Nuclear Medicine Department in Baxley. She’s a certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist as well as a certified Vascular Sonographer and Echocardiographer. Some of the most requested tests in her department include whole body bone scans, 3-phase bone scans, HIDA scans, nuclear cardiac stress tests, lung VQ scans, thyroid uptake/scans and gastric empty. Originally from Hazlehurst, Laura graduated from the Medical College of Georgia with a Bachelors in Radiological Science: Nuclear Medicine Technology and Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Upon graduation, she began working immediately in the field of Cardiology and has continued there for over 19 years. She’s passionate about her work and especially enjoys interacting with her patients. “My patients are so appreciative and thankful for their care and experience. I miss all the hugs I used to get before COVID!”