Scar Massage: Why, When & How


Hand with a scar being massaged by Occupational Therapist Kristen Webb.

Occupational Therapist Kristen Webb massages a scar on patient Debbie Hunter’s hand.

If you have a scar that’s been bothering you, the therapists at Appling Healthcare Rehabilitation & Therapy in Baxley have some helpful tips on scar massage. Whether your scar came from an injury that led to surgery, a c-section to bring your baby into the world or an accident being handy around the house, this technique can be used on any scar.

Why scar massage is important:

  • Decreases sensitivity
  • Smoothes raised areas
  • Softens scar area and breaks up scar tissue under the surface

When to massage:

  • Two to three times per day for 10 minutes once the scar area is healed/closed.
  • Continue for at least 6 months for optimal results
  • Stop and consult a doctor if area becomes red, warm or looks infected

How to perform scar massage:

  • Perform proper cleaning before/after with alcohol pad
  • Use Vitamin E oil to help hydrate the area
  • With two fingers, rub in circular motion, side to side motion, and up and down motion