Appling Nursing Home Administrator Confirms Positive COVID-19 Cases Among Employees


Appling Nursing and Rehabilitation Pavilion Administrator Kim Jowers has confirmed that 10 employees of the nursing home have tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. For the protection of all individuals in the facility, the affected employees have been sent home on strict isolation as recommended by the CDC.

Nine of the Pavilion employees were asymptomatic, which means they were not showing any symptoms of the virus. If employees start showing symptoms during their isolation at home, they will be required to stay home for an additional 14 days. 

After learning of the employees’ positive results, the facility immediately notified local and state public health officials. Any additional testing of residents and employees will be based on decisions made by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

All employees are being screened for respiratory symptoms and elevated temperatures prior to every shift and continue proper hand hygiene. 

The Pavilion is a 101-bed skilled nursing home with 85 employees. It is the only nursing home in Appling County and is currently at full capacity with a waiting list.

“Because we know that residents of nursing homes can be uniquely vulnerable to this virus, we’re working with state health officials and doing everything possible to minimize additional cases,” said Jowers. “We are trying to do everything we can to protect not only our residents but also our employees, who have selflessly gone above and beyond to help prevent the spread of this virus. However, our employees live outside of the nursing home, so completely avoiding the virus is impossible.” 

“We are receiving many prayers, positive thoughts and well-wishes from throughout the community and they are very much appreciated,” she continued. “I also want to recognize the invaluable contributions of the National Guardsmen who were here yesterday disinfecting the nursing home and have offered to return in the near future. We thank them for their service and may God bless them.”

Appling Healthcare will continue to keep the community updated as information becomes available. If you have questions or concerns about any issue regarding the Appling Nursing and Rehabilitation Pavilion, call (912)367-9841 ext. 2402.