Appling Healthcare Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to raise funds and awareness for projects and services that maintain and improve the quality patient care at Appling Healthcare.

About Us

As a non-profit organization, Appling Healthcare Foundation reinvests in our community by supporting services and programs that deliver exceptional care and services to our patients. Over the past several decades, hospitals have been receiving less reimbursement from insurance companies and the government than what it costs to provide the service. Also, labor, medications, technology and the number of uninsured Americans are increasing. Collectively these forces have increased the need for healthcare philanthropy.

Your gift to Appling Healthcare Foundation makes a difference in the lives of your neighbors, your friends, and your family. With the contributions from you and other generous donors, we can continue delivering exceptional healthcare services for residents of Appling County and surrounding communities. These gifts enhance the services we provide for patients, families, and our community neighbors.



If you are interested in making a donation, please make checks payable to:

Appling Healthcare Foundation
163 East Tollison Street
Baxley, GA 31513

You may also contact Jordan Deen at (912)367-9841, ext. 1220, or turnerj@appling-hospital.org