We are more than a career opportunity. Joining Appling Healthcare is an opportunity to do work that matters. Join our AHC Family!

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Benefits of Joining Our Team:

Medical Coverage: All FT employees are eligible to enroll within the first 60 days of being hired with benefits effective the 1st day of the following month after the 60 days. 

Dental Coverage: Includes preventive, basic care, major care, and orthodontics for children and adults; $1,500.00 annual maximum per calendar year. 

Life Insurance: Appling Healthcare provides a life insurance policy of 1x your annual gross salary for employees at no cost, with the option to purchase additional at extremely low group rates. 

Disability: Appling Healthcare provides Long Term Disability (LTD) for employees at no cost,  with the option of purchasing Short Term Disability at group rates. 

Retirement: “The Principal”, Employee may start voluntarily contributing at any time. A pre-tax deduction! 

Advancement & Growth: All our employees are eligible & encourage to seek advancement / promotions throughout our system. 

Paid Time Off (PTO): All full-time employees are eligible for PTO beginning with their date of hire. PTO may be used for vacations, personal leave, sickness, holidays, etc. As your longevity increases so does your PTO time. 

Bereavement & Jury Duty Pay 

Differentials: Our System offers a variety of differentials, such as shift diffs., specialty diffs., weekend diffs. and holiday differentials.

Optional Payroll Deductions: 

  • Items purchased from our “Gift Gallery” 
  • Personal prescriptions purchased at our pharmacy
  • Purchase your breakfast, lunch or dinner from our cafeteria department
  • Pay your hospital, physician office, and EMS bills all through payroll deduction. 

Appling Healthcare is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a drug-free workplace.

To contact the Human Resources Department:

Carla McLendon, Human Resource Director
(912) 367-9841 ext 1280

Virginia Thornton, Human Resource Assistant
(912) 367-9841 ext 2601