Our rehabilitation department is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, with appointments available upon request beyond these hours.  We are glad to work with you to schedule at your convenience if possible.

We offer Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy to all populations of pediatrics to geriatrics.   A new room dedicated solely to pediatric play and therapy has recently been established to better accommodate the needs of pediatric patients and their families.

Occupational therapy also has a new room that we are developing into an ADL (Activities of Daily Living) room.  We plan to be able to incorporate shower transfer training and bathing tasks, functional reaching activities and simulate your daily home environment.  Our goal is to get the patient back home as independent as possible.  We also work closely with your physician to treat any upper body limitations and pain problems, such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, fractures, and weaknesses.

Physical therapy offers expertise in orthopedics, neurology, sports training and treatments, women’s health, and industrial rehab.  You may not know, but we successfully treat vertigo and bowel and bladder incontinence.  We treat chronic pain, muscle tightness and Fibromyalgia with dry needling.

Speech therapy successfully treats many disorders of speech, language, swallowing, voice and cognitive deficits.  Cognitive deficits include memory, orientation, safety awareness and problem-solving difficulties.  Our speech therapist is experienced in swallow studies using Modified Barium Swallow tests. Speech therapy can benefit patients who are affected by facial paresis and Bell’s palsy and we offer VitalStim for these deficits and for swallowing difficulties.

We are proud of our relationship with many orthopedics, neurologists and pain management doctors as well as our local doctors.  Please feel free to discuss the option of therapy with your doctor or call us if you have any questions or concerns.